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We have moved locations!

Wow, what a crazy couple of weeks!!! Bumpin Ballroom has now left its old location and moved to a bigger and better place!!!! I can not tell you how insane the ride has been.


We moved out of the old place, and built the new place in 10 days!!!!!!!!!

As you guys know we lay every floor board, paint every wall, put up every light all ourselves, we pride ourselves on building the best place for dancers BY dancers!!! We can do a mean cha cha but come check out these floors!!! If you like our old place you are gonna LOOOOOVVVEEE our new place!!!


Come see for your selves, 32953 Calle Perfecto, San Juan Capistrano, 92675, we are right next to Moreno Tile!!


See you all on the dance floor!!


-Bumpin Staff


Country Night!

Join us EVERY Tuesday night starting at 7pm for all things Country!



Every tuesday night we will be teaching everything you need to know to tear up the dance floor!

Country two-step, Line dances, Country Swing, we have got you covered!

Don’t worry if you don’t have a partner, you don’t need one.

At the end of the month we will be going out as a studio dancing all together!!


2017 here we come..

I can not believe 2017 is here and Bumpin Ballroom will be celebrating its 5 year anniversary!! So much has happened throughout 5 years. Met so many amazing people, watched so many outstanding dancers grow and really have road a rollercoaster of a journey!

This year is sure to be full of much more excitement, June 17th we will be having our “Divas, Superstars & Legends” Showcase! We have team matches coming up throughout the year and competitions almost every weekend!!! 

If you have not checked out our studio yet or just have not been back in a while, peek your head in, we are always dancing and laughing and would love to have you back to the party!!


Stay tuned for more upcoming excitement!


Taking over Preteen II

Competition season in the ballroom dance world is all year long. Ballroom dancing is filled with some of hardest working dancers. There is just about zero down time, which really means you have to be on your game ALL THE TIME!

Now aside from the professional competition scene, Danny and I are shocked by the sheer number of competitors in the Preteen II category. It usually takes years to break throw the pack, get the judges to notice you and make it into a final. Placing in the top six is a huge feet! Our very own Jose and Karis (10 years old) have not only broke through into the final in their first year of dancing together but at Beach Bash in San Diego they placed 3rd!!!! Bringing home $100!! Unbelievable!! 

 kids dancing, bumpin ballroom, kids dancing

There is just something so rewarding about teaching kids. These two are such hard workers and really deserved that! Emerald Ball is right around the corner and I can’t wait to watch them kick some serious butt!!


2016 the beginning of a great year!

Wow! Bumpin Ballroom has now hurdled over the three year mark and is excited to annouce their two new instructors starting. Jeremy and Kate are two extremely talented dancers and outstanding teachers. We know that Bumpin Ballroom will continue to power forward with them on our team!


In other exciting news I am now a mother of TWO! Linkin is a dancing machine at 2 years old and now I have a little dance partner for him, faith! She is just as beautiful and sweet as her brother!!


This year is already shaping out to be our greatest yet! I have always known that Bumpin Ballroom would be great, Danny and I have built it from nothing and put our hearts into everything and everyone we teach. Keep an eye out for us and if you have not stopped by for a dance yet come on by!

Love always,

Bumpin Mommy AKA Kayla :)


Happy (almost) Halloween!

The holiday season is almost here, man how this year is flying by!
So much to talk about!
Our little man turned one!!!! He is the little studio mascot and is the cutest little dancer EVER! I’m sure everyone has a special place in their heart for Linky, even when he climbs on your leg during private lessons! ;)
We are so proud of everyone involved in the August teammatch! Talk about ENERGY!! We dominated in team spirit and we are pretty impressed with the turn out Bumpin Ballroom showed as we were the youngest studio there! We still kicked some major butt! Our next teammatch is November 15th and we are so excited to do it even BIGGER AND BETTER this time!!!!


Show time!!!!!! The rock’n'roll show is right around the corner! We will be rocking out to some of the best music of all times!  November 7th, even if your not in the show please come to cheer everyone on!!! $5 at the door and Doors open at 7pm and seating is first come, first serve.

Can not wait to our HALLOWEEN PARTY ON THE 30TH!!! We will be having a costume contest with some pretty awesome prizes and yuuuummmmy food!! Starts at 7pm, we hope to see you all there to celebrate with us!


Finally from the bottom of our hearts we want to thank all of you for continuiously supporting us and the studio. Danny and I truly believe that we are lucky to have all of you!! Thank you for everything and can’t wait to see all of you on the dance floor!!



Danny & Kayla



Wow! 2014 is here, man did it  get here fast!

At the beginning of every year it seems we all sit back and reflect on the year that passed and think how all that happened. Speaking for the Parker’s we had one crazy 2013. The studio is growing more and more each day, and we had our little Linkin! I don’t know if we will be able to top that. Bumpin Ballroom is a piece of Danny and i’s heart. We are truly so grateful for everything we have. The roller coaster ride you take as a business owner is one you can’t prepare for but when things start working out it is a feeling you can’t explain.




Lets look back on 2013….

The beginning of the year we finally got our star  instructor, Stephen McCann into the studio. Every success needs key players and we couldn’t do it without Stevie.






Shortly after his arrival we brought our the very talented Christi Kelly. Specializing in country western EVERYTHING, she showed us  that cowboy boots are more than just for looks! We then kicked off the spring season right with the studios first EVER studio showcase! It is so awesome to see how amazing are students are when they get under that spot light!  On top of juggling the show I announced we were PREGNANT!





Seems like the next couple months though filled with competitions, plus studio outings with lots of dancing, went so fast! One thing we could never forget was hiring on Carey Newmark, she is one hell of a dancers. Carey brought Ballet, Jazz and some a** kickin workout classes to the studio!





While preparing for our first EVER teammatch we got word that are very own Christi was PREGNANT. (dont drink the water!!) with somuch excitement   in the studio you can imagine the next thing we know we a little boy in our arms! Danny and I met Linkin and could not have been happier!! But in true Parker fashion I was back in the studio preparing for the next event two weeks after ha! Our team match was another great event! We have so much talent within our students we OFCOURSE took the top studio award!! :)





a few short weeks later our Halloween showcase was under way. We had some hilarious routines! We never stop having fun around here!





The night of the Halloween show we were asked to perform in the San Clemente parade again this year,  this was so exciting as it was the first event we ever did last year as a studio so it was near to our hearts! Without a doubt Bumpin Ballroom stole the show with our amazing samba/salsa routine! Can’t wait to do it again next year! Shortly after the show, Christi had her baby boy, Caleb!!!!!!






If it didn’t seem like the year was loaded with so much already we had one last mission to conquer, las Vegas competition. Mary Shaw, Rhonda Lynch,  Christine Anderson, Christian Cook, Alina Verity and Nicki O’bryan were unbelievable!!! Taking first is practically all of their events!!






Wow! Once you look back on everything u really see how much we did and I still left some things out!!! 2014 is sure to give 2013 a run for the money. We hope to see many new faces and of course All the ones we love.

Here’s to a dance filled year!


Mrs. Mommy Parker ;)


Bumpin Ballrooms very first showcase!!

We did it!!!!!

I’m so proud of our staff and students. Everyone was so supportive of each other and performed so well, it felt like the studio was on a high for days following!! We had over 150 people there, from spectators to performers! The energy was out of this world!!!We had all types of dancing, from waltz to tango to Samba to Country 2-Step to lyrical to Jazz & Hip Hop, it was such a blast to watch!

Bumpin Ballroom, Ballroom dance studio in oc, ballroom dancing

Bumpin Ballroom, Ballroom dance studio in oc, ballroom dancing









Now with competitions around the corner, team matches in the works and of course our HALLOWEEN SHOWCASE there is much for everyone to prepare for!

Bumpin Ballroom is really beginning to take off & We could not be more excited to see the journey!

<3 The Parkers


2013 is here and BUMPIN!

It is hard to believe we are coming up on our FIRST YEAR!

Our classes are growing, our students are now preparing for our first studio showcase, plus there are competitions around the corner! We now have Friday night parties happening constantly and are having a blast dancing our butts off every Friday night, and if the studio did not have enough exciting things happening, we are expecting our first baby BOY!

Studio Showcase…

We have over 40 people dancing in our showcase and I can not believe all of the hard work our staff and students are putting into it.  We have tangos with death drops and foxtrots with lifts, Sambas with back bends and Lindy Hops with flips, this show is going to be outstanding! I grew up in studio that were all about students having fun and no stress, it is so exciting to have a studio that truly wants its students to love dancing at any level and any age. We have performers of all ages on the floor, our youngest is 5!!!! Between the nerves, excitement and just pure energy flowing through the studio, it is always a great time when its show time!

Looking forward to seeing what more this year has to bring for us, besides dirty diapers ;)


Kayla AKA Bumpin Mommy!


Fun around the Studio!

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