Getting Married?!

First off, Congratulations!

 At most studios you will get one instructor, throw together a quick routine, practice it till you got it down then they send you on your way.

We do things a bit different!

wedding choreography, first dance lesson, wedding lessons, bumpin ballroom

wedding dance lessons, first dance choregraphy, getting married, bumpin ballroom

Bumpin Ballroom has a very special way of Choreographing wedding dances. Being as the owners are a husband and wife team, they take this task on together! A fun little fact, Danny and Kayla, separately felt like they were the BEST at creating wedding choreography, so now after opening their studio they realized how great they make these first dances when creating them together! Two creative minds are always better than one, plus being married they are all about the romance. Danny and Kayla will work hand in hand on each of your lessons to create a routine that is built around your wants, hopes, personalities and then they throw in a couples things to challenge you to show just how amazing you dance can become!

We try to make this process as simple as possible, as we completely understand that planning a wedding can be stressful. You come in to meet with Danny and Kayla, they will then either review your song to best suit a dance to pair with it or if you are having difficulty picking out your song, they have a vast choice of songs they can help you choose from.

The next step is to just learn the basics, you can not build a mansion without a great foundation. They will set up a schedule as to how often they will be seeing you and how much you can practice.

Part of taking lessons with Bumpin Ballroom you also have access to the floor in either of our 2 ballrooms to practice at any time. Again we try to make this one of the fun things to plan!

From there is when the fun begins, Danny and Kayla will put together several options for you two to choose from and demonstrate the dance for you. They always encourage lots of input, because of course you two are the ones performing it!

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Danny will cut the music to a specific time for you, which is another worry they try to take off your shoulders. Bumpin Ballroom also offers father daughter dances, bridal party performances and much more.

Bumpin Ballroom hopes to make this one of the most enjoyable parts of planning your special day. You only do your first dance once, or maybe twice ;) . Give us a call to book your first lesson!

To really see us in action, check out some of our couples performing their first dance choreography!  Click here

Getting Married?!
wedding choreography, first dance lessons, dance classes in oc, bumpin ballroom
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