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 Kids Dance Classes

Bumpin Ballroom prides itself on creating a fun and educational environment for kids of ALL AGES! Each class is 100%  customized to cater to each age group. We believe that every child has a natural “Bump” when their favorite song comes on and the last thing we want to do is change that but better yet, lets enhance it! Each class is VERY informational without the kids realizing it. They have a blast for an hour, then go home and unload everything they learned on their parents.

            Everyday we have parents coming in telling us, that their little boy is practicing at home in his room or they will catch their little girl doing a salsa basic while she does the dishes. We think that every child is unique and has SO much talent that is undiscovered.



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                                       Whether your looking for hip hop to ballet or jazz to ballroom dancing, at Bumpin Ballroom, we cover it ALL. Our students are taught

from day one to become a good dancer you must be well rounded. Knowing everything that dancing has to offer really does make their experience priceless. We are trying to eliminate the famous saying of “I wish I started dancing young.” Your never to old to start but starting young definitely helps!

The dancing is just the beginning of what we offer to our students. During the school year we offer a 2 hour after school program where to students are welcomed to
come in after school, and our staff makes sure that whatever homework and/or study they need to finish is taken care of. Then they have a group class immediate following their one hour study session. Surprisingly enough the kids get really inspired to finish their homework to be able to join the group class, which makes for not only better grades, but a sense of ease for the parents when they get home at night.

     Few things can compare to the amount of fitness they get out of each class. Again, they learn all the genres of dance and we keep them moving for an hour straight some times more! Endurance and cardio are a given when it comes to dancing but we also instill core strength and individual muscle isolation, so they really are getting a full body workout.

  Each class starts with an class introduction, meaning we all sit in a circle and meet eachother whether they have been dancing with us for years or days we make sure everyone feels welcome.

Since a lot of what we teach is partner dancing they are also introduced how to interact with each other appropriately.

 The boys learn to thank their lady after every dance and the girls learn to let their partner lead. We love the old fashion values that ballroom dancing brings.

Lets talk about age groups. Now of course the older kids don’t want to dance with the little ones and the little ones do not want to be as serious as the older ones. We have three separate age ranges.

Minis:Ages 2-5

This class focuses on coordination, listening skills, patience, team building, partnership, balance, pattern knowledge and dance terminology. This is the only class that run in 45 min increments. This class is filled with just the right amount of learning and a good balance of fun! We like to keep this class small so we can give each little one attention.




Now this class becomes a bit more advanced. Coordination, listening skills, patience and team building is usually already in full motions. We really start to dig into counting music, specific choreography, technique and fine tuning. This class is a full hour in length and starts with flexibility gaining warm up and technical run through for Latin dances. After finishing this class we usually end with some time of dance related games so they see how much they are learning everyday!





This class is heavily focused on technique and serious skill building. We are typically working on Choreography for competition and this is one heck of a team. We ask for a bit of a commitment with this class as we are focusing on getting the kids in this class to feel strongly for their dancing. Plus the more they are here the better they get!!

  If you come by the studio you will see that the owners, Kayla and Danny, really are kids themselves at heart, being as they started young as well they have their best interest at heart. Call us today to get started, your first class is ALWAYS free!

To see our kids in action on the dance floor, check out some of our videos! Click Here

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