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Party at Our Place!

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 Every time we think we have found something we love doing with the studio we seems to stumble upon another one. We just recently had one of our students birthday parties at the studio and we had a BLAST!


It is just such a cool feeling to get people up and dancing, especially at this party. Sandy Brown ( our student who birthday it was) is such a great student and a real joy to have in the studio, so it was extra special to us to get to spend her birthday with her and all her close friends and family.
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We love our ballroom but I have to say it was fun to watch it transform into her birthday! We had the party lights kickin and got everyone up to learn a Jive and a country line dance and everyone danced the night away.
We are so excited to continue renting out the studio and see all the crazy parties we get into!
Danny and Kayla
Getting Married?!
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Kids Classes!
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Venue Rental
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Start TODAY!
Dancing is FUN! We can always find reasons to do something we have to do but why not do something you WANT to do! You can start today and learn a life skill, your first class is FREE, so why not!?
What Are You Looking For?
Whether its to rekindle a old flame or ignite a new one, ballroom dancing is one of the best things to do to spend time together. Its old fashion values of the man being the leader and the lady trusting in him to make her shine, bring out the genuine excitement of dancing together. Read More
 About the owners
Bumpin Ballroom was founded by husband and wife, Danny and Kayla Parker who were lucky enough to find each other in ballroom dancing. Their passion for dancing lead them to creating a studio Read More>
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