“I started my daughter in dance lessons with Kayla in November, 2011.  As a mother I was looking for a teacher whom my daughter would work well with, as she was extremely hesitant.  Kayla has been amazing in that not only has she taught my daughter to dance, she has really built her self-esteem as well as confidence.  Calry started with two left feet and Kayla has taught her that dance is fun, not to mention it has been a joy to see Carly get her groove on.  Carly is 14 and truly enjoys her dance lessons.  My husband and I see a smile on her face each time she is dancing with Kayla, and as parents that puts a smile on our face.  Both my husband and I have taken lessons as well with Kayla and always uplifting and just fun! Kayla definitely is passionate about her dancing and it shows with every student I see her teach.”

-Candy Henderson


“I have been taking private dance lessons from Danny since October 2011.  Learning to dance is something that I’ve always wanted to do and I’m so glad to finally have gotten started.  Danny is a wonderful teacher and a very accomplished dancer with the titles to prove it.  He is a pleasure to dance with and learn from.  Thanks to his encouragement and persuasion, I performed with Danny in my first show last June.  It was a memorable experience and totally unlike anything I had

 ever done before.
Danny and his wife, Kayla, who is also an amazing dancer, have created a very comfortable atmosphere to learn in.  The ballroom is beautiful and great for parties (I had my birthday party at the studio last summer).  Both of them make learning fun and have so much to offer.  They have great group classes on weeknights for every style of dance you can imagine, and they encourage students to make suggestions about what dances they’d like to learn.
I am a strong believer in dancing.  It’s a great way to get in shape and stay that way, and Bumpin Ballroom has it all: amazing teachers, fun students, a wonderful setting, and affordable prices to get started.  You won’t find a better place to learn to dance.”
-Sandy Brown
“We have so much fun at Bumpin Ballroom and Kayla is the best!

Our goal was to learn social dancing. When we were out at clubs or at weddings, the people that could dance always looked like  they were having so much fun. Now we can do the swing, rhumba, and foxtrot and we are having a blast! Country dancing is next  on our list!
Our private lessons with Kayla have become our date night. We laugh so much and really enjoy our time together. Kayla has even  given us the confidence we needed to perform in our first showcase this past spring and we are already signed up the next one in  October!
We think Kayla and Danny have built a very warm and welcoming studio. When you join Bumpin Ballroom, you become part of  their family. We love it!”
Tom and Lynn Bohen
“Bumpin ballroom studio is one of a kind. It’s the BEST studio! And i’ve been in a lot of dance studios. Staff becomes your second family. The owners of the studio are very down to earth and really treats every person that walks in the studio with warmth. It’s so much fun there. There’s pool table, ping pong and even a fussball. The dance floor is beautiful and so is the decor. I would honestly would rather be here and hang out with Kayla, Danny and Stephen than Disneyland. This is the happiest studio. Lessons are given very seriously. Staff and students are all very supportive when it comes to competitions.
Kayla is not only an awesome instructor and owner of the studio, but the BEST makeup artist. I wouldn’t use anyone else. And I’m very picky when it comes to makeup. Danny is hilarious with a big heart. Stephen is the Best instructor and will push you hard to make sure the best comes out of you. Well they all do. This studio is not after your money like a lot of studios are. I so highly recommend this studio for anyone from 3-100 years old. Come in and see for yourselves and I guarantee that you’ll love the owners and instructors. and come fall in love with baby Linkin!”
-Criselda C.
“Fun, exercise and entertainment all rolled into one.  I started last Sept and enjoy it so much I go every night to the group lessons.  Even if you think you have 2 left feet you will be surprised to learn one is really a right foot.  Come join the fun and learn to dance we could use a few good men.”
-Jane Bird
“Danny has been my dance instructor for years.  He has finally opened his new studio and it is amazing!
He and his wife Kayla are knowledgeable, fun and fair!
You will not find a better dance studio in Orange County.  Trust me, I’ve been to a lot of them!!”
-Nicole O’bryan
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